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RENV-B Enhanced Night Vision Binoculars PRE-ORDER

RENV-B Enhanced Night Vision Binoculars PRE-ORDER

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This is a Pre-order shipping summer 2024.  Pre-orders are NON-refundable.


RENV-B Enhanced Night Vision Binoculars


I² Magnification: 1.0x
I² Lens: 25mm; F1.2
Thermal Sensor: 640 x 512
Thermal Lens: 16mm, F1.1
Warranty: 5 Years

Thermal & IIT Fusion Technology

The RENV-B is equipped with a 640*512 thermal detector and two high-performance image intensifier tubes. The system integrates infrared and image intensification technology with minimal imaging delay, empowering real-time tracking and precise target identification.


Multiple Fusion Image Modes

The RENV-B features a 0.6-inch full-color OLED display with 800x600 resolution, providing multiple enhance image modes, each designed for a specific purpose.


Bluetooth Remote Control

The Bluetooth remote control allows the user to operate the RENV-B wirelessly within a certain distance without directly touching the night vision device itself. This greatly increases the ease of operation, especially in cases where hands are required to maintain other tasks or need to remain hidden.


Navigation & Positioning System

Utilizing its integrated positioning system, like GPS, the RENV-B offers precise location data, a valuable asset for users navigating challenging landscapes or unfamiliar surroundings.

Long Working Time Battery Pack

RIX has significantly boosted the RENV-B’s energy efficiency. Now, with its double 18650 batteries, it can operate for over 60 hours in night vision mode or 8 hours in fusion mode.



Optics - Magnifacation, 1x
Optics - Exit Pupil Diameter, 14mm
Optics - Exit Pupil Distance, 25mm
Optics - Adjustment, -3~+2 D
I2 - Generation Gen 2+
I2 - Resolution, 64 lp/mm
I2 - FOV, 40°
I2 - Lens System, f/1.2, 25 mm
I2 - Range of Focus, 0.27 yd to infinity
I2 - Brightness Control Yes
I2 - Bright source protection Yes
I2 - Infrared Illuminator Built-in
Thermal Image - VOx Uncooled
Thermal Image - Resolution, 640×512 pixels
Thermal Image - Pixel pitch, 12 μm
Thermal Image - NETD, <30 mK
Thermal Image - Frame Rate, 50 Hz
Thermal Image - Lens System, f/1.1, 16 mm
Thermal Image - FOV, 25.8×19.1°
Thermal Image - Brightness Control Yes
Thermal Image - White hot,Orange hot
Enhanced - Outline, Highlight, Breath
Sensor - Azimuth IndicationYes
Display - OLED
Display - Resolution, 800×600 pixels
Detection Range, 1500m/1640yd
Degree of Protection, lP67
Operating Temperature Range, -40-122 F
Battery Type 18650×2
Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=72°F) ,Enhanced Display ≥ 8 hours,I2up to 60 hours
Dimensions, 4.2×4.5×3.3 in
Main body:1.26Ib,Battery pack≤0.23Ib (without battery)

NOTE:  If you order the “Without Tube” version this will be a housing only and not functional until you install intensifier tubes in the housing.  Please make sure you have experience assembling night vision devices!
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