BOG Infinite Generation Identification Guide

It has come to our attention that BOG has recently made a design change on their DeathGrip Infinite tripod.  The gist of the change is that on the newer generation the center tube between the legs is shorter top to bottom than the older generation.

This guide is to help you identify which generation you have so you can select the correct adapter for a ball head upgrade.


Old Generation:

The center tube on the older generation is longer.  This can be seen on the bottom of the center tube where the leg attachments meet the tube.  The is a defined “step” at this junction as pointed out by the red arrow in the picture below.

Our original adapters fit this generation of tripod.

BOG DeathGrip Ball Head Adapter

New Generation:

The new generation of Infinite tripod has a shorter center tube in between the legs.  The junction at the bottom of the leg attachment and center tube is flat as shown at the end of the red arrow in the picture below.

Our standard Infinite ball head adapter WILL NOT fit this generation of tripod.  We will be adding our V2 adapter to the site in the near future for this version.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!