BOG Infinite Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for our BOG DeathGrip Infinite ball head conversion.

First, make sure the ball head is vertical and tighten it down.
Now remove the two small silver screws on top of the clamp and remove it.
Looking down into the top of the ball head you’ll see a large black Allen screw, remove it.
With that removed you can now take the hook off the the bottom of the tripod head.  It’s a light press fit, may need pried off.
Now, with the tripod legs collapsed, turn the tripod upside down and drop the head of the large black Allen screw into the bottom of the head.  Using a hammer lightly tap on the threaded end of this screw to press the head out of the tripod.  Some come out easily, some are a very tight press fit.  Be sure to remove the silver key as well.

With all of that removed you can now install the ball head and adapter just like on the DeathGrip.
When installing the ball head it only needs to be hand tight.  We recommend putting the provided thread locker on the bolt, then place the bolt and adapter in the bottom of the tripod, then with the pan knob on the ball head locked screw it down onto the bolt while holding the bolt with a wrench.  The bolt does not need to be tightened with a wrench.