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BOG DeathGrip Infinite Ball Head Conversion Kit

BOG DeathGrip Infinite Ball Head Conversion Kit

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Ball Head

BOG has recently made a design change to the Infinite tripod.  This adapter will ONLY fit the old version.  Please see the identification guide linked below on how to identify which generation you have.

We will be releasing a version of our V2 adapter for the new generation of Infinite.

BOG DeathGrip Infinite Generation Identification Guide


These are almost identical to our standard DeathGrip adapter but with some critical dimensions changed to work with the Infinite tripod.  As always, you can buy just the adapter and supply your preferred ball head or pair it with one of our ZFG logo ball heads.

We are also now offering them in the raw aluminum finish or in a black anodized finish to cut down on the shine and to better match the tripod.

Please note, BOG uses a non-standard ARCA rail on the Infinite clamp.  It will not work in our ball heads or any others that we have tried.  If you wish to use the BOG clamp on our ball head you will need to purchase an ARCA rail made to the standard ARCA dimensions.  We offer one here.

Shop our selection of ARCA rails here

Shop our selection of picatinny top plates for our ball heads here

52mm rated for 66lbs

The 44mm and 36mm are only recommended for very lightweight rifles, spotting scopes, etc.  For heavier rifles and heavy recoiling rifles we recommended the 52mm ball head.

44mm rated for 55lbs

36mm rated for 44lbs

IB-30 rated for 40lbs 

DLOW-55 rated for 77lbs




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