Bering Super Yoter Review

Bering Optics Super Yoter 50mm


The Bering Optics Super Yoter was introduced in late 2021 as a 640 resolution follow on to their Hogster line with a street price of around $4,600.  I was running a Trijicon REAP IR 35mm at the time and got on a pre-order list as I was looking to upgrade thermal scopes.  I wound up running it for an entire coyote season and was thoroughly impressed overall.


First Impressions:

The scope comes in a rather cheap nylon padded bag, I would prefer a hard case for a scope in this price range.  The objective lens comes complete with a scope cap that is well made and held up great for an entire season of hunting hard.  The buttons on top of the scope make for intuitive menu navigation, zeroing, and made for quick and easy image adjustments or changing zoom levels in the field even when wearing heavy gloves.

The image on this scope is nothing short of fantastic, especially white hot.  Once I got them where I wanted them I never swapped color pallets or had to adjust the image in the field like I did with my REAP.  White hot is just THAT good.  

The Yoter will save 4 zero profiles making it easy to swap between guns or different zeroes for different ammo.  8 different reticles options give the shooter a choice of SFP or FFP reticles of different styles for up close or long distance shooting.

The Larue QD mount works well like they always do, reliably returning to zero when the scope is removed and reinstalled.

Power is provided by two CR123 batteries along with a USB C port for running external battery packs.


The Good:

  • The image is incredible, looks much better than comparable or even more expensive scopes with similar specs
  • The Yoter deals with high humidity VERY well suffering very little image degradation on humid nights
  • Larue mount
  • Intuitive controls and good app for getting media off the scope
  • 4 year transferrable warranty

The Bad:

  • Two CR123 batteries don’t last long, especially on single digit temp winter nights
  • The rubber eyepiece comes off the scope easily.  I wound up just removing it and going without so I didn’t lose it in the field
  • The focus ring can be a little stiff and hard to adjust when it’s cold, especially wearing gloves
  • Image quality takes a pretty big hit when exporting pictures and videos from the scope

Overall I would highly recommend this scope to someone who is looking for a 50-640 thermal.  You get a lot of performance for your money and a great image to boot.  I would strongly recommend picking up a throw lever and external battery pack to improve on a couple weak points, both of which are offered by Apex 3D.