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LRF-01 Bluetooth Rangefinder

LRF-01 Bluetooth Rangefinder

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As an accessory to the LEAP series, the LRF-01 allows users to precisely determine the target distance for accurate shooting within the low end of the range is 10 yards to 656 yards. This device features a compact and lightweight design, and is equipped with a visible red dot laser and red dot zeroing functions.

Wireless Bluetooth Rangefinder

Dimensions, inch:  4.37 x1.22 x1.18
Laser Wavelength,nm:  905 (Eye-safe)
Laser Pointer, nm:  650
Bluetooth:  5.0
Weight, oz:  3.59 (w/o battery)
Battery Parameters:  One replaceable CR123/3.7V/4h
IP Rating:  IP67
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