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BOG DeathGrip Ball Head Conversion V2

BOG DeathGrip Ball Head Conversion V2

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With the success of our BOG DeathGrip ball head adapter we decided to make some changes, improve on a few things, and bring out a V2 version!

The V2 version builds on the success of our V1 with these improvements:

  • Permanently installs on the tripod allowing you to remove or swap ball heads without the adapter coming off
  • Acts as a 1” riser giving you a little bit of extra height and getting the ball head controls up and away from the legs making for easier adjustments of the controls, especially while wearing gloves
  • A retention set screw allowing you to lock the ball head in place preventing it from unscrewing from the stud.  This is the same feature that is found on traditional tripods and to our knowledge, the only BOG ball head conversion featuring this

Weighs only 5oz.  Removes 1lb 9oz from your tripod with the 52mm ball head, even more with smaller ball heads!

Accepts any 3/8”-16 compatible ball head if you choose to provide your own.

Quite simply, it’s the best BOG ball head conversion on the market.

The adapter only allows you to use a ball head of your choice or select from one of the ball head packages.  No ARCA rail for weapon mounting or for the BOG saddle is included.

Shop our selection of ARCA rails here

ARCA plate to adapt your factory saddle is not included and can be purchased here

Shop our selection of picatinny top plates for our ball heads here

52mm rated for 66lbs

DLOW-55 rated for 77lbs

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