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BOG DeathGrip Ball Head Conversion Riser

BOG DeathGrip Ball Head Conversion Riser

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Ball Head

We’ve had a lot of requests for a taller version of our ball head adapter for the BOG DeathGrip, they’re finally here!

These are a great solution for the taller guys out there who want to run a ball head on their BOG but need a little more height than our standard adapter offers.  

The 3 inch and 5 inch risers are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum locally and offer a 3/8”-16 stud to mount one of our ball heads or let’s you install one of your own.  

The 10 inch riser is a 36mm diameter carbon fiber tube that telescopes out to 16 inches long and uses our standard ball head adapter to install on the tripod.

Heights with tripod fully extended, not including ball head:

3in riser-  59in

5in riser-  61in

10in riser-  66in collapsed, 72in fully extended

The 44mm and 36mm are only recommended for very lightweight rifles, spotting scopes, etc.  For heavier rifles and heavy recoiling rifles we recommended the 52mm ball head.

No ARCA rails for weapon mounting or the factory saddle are included.  

Shop our selection of ARCA rails here

ARCA plate to adapt your factory saddle can be purchased here

Shop our selection of picatinny top plates for our ball heads here


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