Two Vets No Name Tripod Review

Two Vets No Name Tripod

The Two Vets No Name tripod is a mid level carbon fiber tripod geared towards shooters and predator hunters.  I previously ran a Shadowtech Pig Field Shooting tripod and wanted to step up to a carbon fiber tripod without a center stalk.  This one seemed to fit the bill pretty well so I gave it a try.


First Impressions:

This tripod comes in a nice carrying bag with rubber feet.  Leg movement is smooth, height adjustments are quick and positively lock in place.  It weighs in at 4.6lbs with a max height of 58.5 inches.  

The No Name comes with a platform with a 3/8” stud for mounting a standard ballhead.  Adapters are available for running leveling bases and the RRS Anvil 30 head.

This tripod is on the shorter side compared to a lot of others on the market but works out well for my height.  Having run taller tripods I wind up with one leg section almost completely collapsed.  With the No Name I wind up with one leg section firmly in the middle of its adjustment range.  

My biggest complaint with this tripod is that the legs can cross when folded.  This can be solved with the Apex 3D Tripod King which easily installs and keep the legs from crossing when folded.  Unfortunately if you’re looking for a carbon fiber tripod with integrated leg stops you’re going to have to make a big jump in cost.

The Good:

  • Lightweight
  • Well built and positive adjustments
  • Multiple options for mounting ballheads, leveling bases, or the RRS Anvil 30
  • Shorter height works well for shooters under 6’

The Bad:

  • Legs cross
  • Shooters over 6’ may find this tripod too short in some instances

Overall I have been very happy with this tripod.  It’s been a big improvement over my old Shadowtech.  It has fit my needs just about perfectly, the height suits me well, and the lighter weight has been a welcome change.  This is a very versatile tripod for me, working well on any shooting surface, standing or sitting.

I would highly recommended it for anyone who is looking for a middle of the road carbon fiber tripod.  It’s a great value for the money and a huge improvement over the aluminum tripods on the market.  Granted, it’s not as nice as the premium Two Vets, Fat Boy, or RRS offerings, but it also doesn’t carry the premium price like they do.