About Us

We’re just a group of freedom loving Midwest guys who love to hunt coyotes, hogs, and most outdoorsman activities.




Chief call operator, driver (keeps it between the ditches, most of the time).  Hands down kills the most hogs, just don’t ask him how much they weigh…

Runs a 224 Valk AR15 with an AGM Adder 35-640 on our Bridger tripod.




Range finder guy.  Yes Kolt, that coyote is really 75 yards away, not 175.  Has an awesome thermal, great for getting thermal content, forgets to hit record.  Shot Will’s fox.

Runs a 22 Creedmoor AR10 with an AGM Adder 50-640 on a Warrior tripod and a Silencer Co Radius range finder.



He shot every coyote that’s in the truck, just ask him.  Or not and he’ll tell you anyway.  Bucket list: shoot a fox (gonna be on the list for awhile at this rate).  Shot Ethan’s big hog, barely.

Runs a 6mm Creedmoor Savage 110 Elite Precision (RIP to the 204 Ruger) with an N Vision Halo XRF on a Warrior tripod.