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Sunwayfoto SDC-50 ARCA/picatinny Ball Head Clamp

Sunwayfoto SDC-50 ARCA/picatinny Ball Head Clamp

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This is a new top plate for our ball head that accepts both ARCA and picatinny rails giving you more versatility and eliminating the need for an ARCA rail if you already have picatinny.  It features a lever lock clamp with adjustable tension.

These are an awesome upgrade for our ZFG ball heads and DLOW-55 ball head (slight modification required on the DLOW-55).

This ships complete with all necessary install hardware and tools.


Please note:  We have found the screw holding the top plate on our ball heads is very tight from the factory and has thread locker.  The best way to remove it is a 4mm hex bit and 1/4” impact driver.  We are NOT able to warranty ball heads if this screw is stripped.  Because of that, we are offering an install service for these top plates if you buy a ball head at the same time.  We will install this plate prior to shipping if this option is purchased.  If we break it, we buy it, eliminating this risk for the customer.

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